Post War Impact of Vietnam Essay

Post War Impact of Vietnam Essay

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Post War Impact of Vietnam
Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried is an excellent piece of metafiction. While highlighting the revulsions of the war, O’Brien often times narrates his personal experiences in Vietnam. Line between fiction and actual account of the war is typically blurred. Book is not only quite descriptive but it also perfectly conveys the horrors and realities of combat. For this research paper I will analyze Tim O’Brien’s ‘The Things They Carried’ and examine the transformations faced by young men, lack of support for returning Vietnam veterans and the bias portrayed in the media.
Vietnam war has been one of the most deadliest and expensive wars to date. Not only it resulted in massive casualties and financial losses, it also made a long lasting effect on American psyche. Following the withdrawal of US combat forces in 1973, majority of Americans tried to overlook what had transpired for the past decade. It served as a devastating blow to American image both domestically and abroad. Vietnam war was heavily protested, misunderstood and highly controversial, and although many question the necessity of the invasion, yet it has continued to shape the way American foreign policies and military have evolved over the years. While Vietnam was the first war to be comprehensively televised still it had a negative stigma to it that was exploited by the media and Hollywood. Soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice, willingly or unwillingly were neglected and scorned.
Book starts off with the introduction of a character named Jimmy cross who is a Lieutenant in Alpha Company. Jimmy Cross is a junior in college and the only reason he joins the Reserve Officers Training Corps is because his friends are doing it. This shows u...

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...lenty of help available for those who are suffering. Media no longer objectifies veterans as cold-blooded killers but as present day heroes. Various non-profit organizations like wounded warrior project, helps wounded soldiers transition back in to civilian life.

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