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Post Secondary Public School Systems Essay

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Within the context of post-secondary public school systems, there are a number of concepts that relate to organizational change itself. In fact, one could even argue that this college environment is one of the most salient places for organizational change, because not only are there a diverse array of post-secondary public school systems, but these systems are all rapidly changing, as the needs, and quantity, of students continue to progress. For this reason, it is necessary to examine management theory that would help to exemplify and ultimately improve organizational change performance within the context of these post-secondary public school systems. In doing so, an analysis of the effectiveness and adequacy of the system will be performed as well.
One of the most important concepts within post-secondary public school systems is simple: leadership. To that end, one of the preeminent management theories relating to leadership involves several different subsets of leadership, each of which can be applied to this context in a different way. For starters, one of the first, and most easily understood, leadership-applicable theory is known as the Transactional Theory of Leadership. The Transactional Theory takes a much more direct approach to leadership by breaking it down into smaller "transactions" (Hartog et al, 1997). At their most basic level, these transactions focus upon two key concepts: rewards and punishments.
This creates something of an ecosystem of leadership, with the leaders themselves acting as the overseers of the process. That is to say, the leaders are responsible for the administration of these rewards and punishments. As a result, Transactional Theory very much focuses upon stability, rather than change. Th...

... middle of paper ...

...decades within the purview of organizational change that can easily be applied directly to post-secondary public school systems. The most important of these, in all likelihood, is that of what is known as the episodic and continues organizational change factors (Weick & Quinn, 1999). Essentially, this article breaks down organizational change into episodic and continuous categories, and both of these can be applied to post-secondary school systems in their own way, allowing organizational change practitioners in these environments to essentially pick and choose which style they would prefer. Furthermore, this same study also states that change itself is a crucial element of organizational analysis. What this means is that more structured, or planned, organizational change is reactionary. That is, it arises from some sort of failure earlier in the timeline (1999).

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