Essay on Post-Napoleonic France

Essay on Post-Napoleonic France

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After the Napoleonic era, the Congress of Vienna restored King Louis XVIII to power in France. The French government now consisted of a king, constitution, and a legislature, but the king still had the most power. Charles X inherited the throne, after his brother Louis XVIII died. King Charles X wanted to rule as an absolute monarch, but the citizens got angry and rebelled. This became known as the Revolution on 1830 and caused Charles to flee to England. Moderate liberals now formed a constitutional monarchy and Louis Philippe was chosen as the new king. By dressing and acting like a normal citizen, Louis Philippe gained popularity among the middle class citizens. Many French people referred to him as the “citizen king.” Louis Philippe increased the number of wealthy citizens that could vote, limited the freedom of the press, and began to silence those who opposed him. These actions gradually made him seem less like a citizen and more like a king. In 1846, an economic depression made life difficult in France for everyone but the wealthy. The economic depression led to ano...

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