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Post 9/11 Afghanistan Essay example

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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a national bestselling novel following the life of an Afghan boy after "the official end… in April 1978 with the communist coup d'état" referring to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (Hosseini 39). On September 11, 2001 the United States' economy, government, and national defense were left crippled. Members of Al Qaeda, a militant Islamic group, hijacked and crashed planes into two World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and an attempted to attack the White House as well ("The 9/11 Commission Report"). Al Qaeda controlled many training camps in Afghanistan along with the Taliban, who called themselves the "religious leaders" of the country (Chayes 64). At first, they appeared as heroes in the eyes of the people, as they fought the Soviet invaders and promised to restore Afghanistan to its original state. Although, their religious views stopped the progression of the country and removed the rights of the minorities. After 9/11, Afghanistan had become the enemy of America and its allies, which led to the invasion of Afghanistan and the war on terrorism ("Globalizing Afghanistan"). The country was already tormented by the destruction of its culture and way of life due to the Soviet invasion. It is wondered how 9/11 has affected Afghanistan, a country from which the attacks originated from. The United States requested the Taliban to peacefully surrender Osama Bin Laden, but the they refused because in their minds, Osama is a Muslim who fought the Russians, and it would be against their code of hospitality to give him to the enemy ("Building a New Afghanistan"). As a result of this, the U.S. declared war on Afghanistan and which starts the ideology of how 9/11 has affected Afghanis...

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