Possible Early Experiences of Domestic Violence Essays

Possible Early Experiences of Domestic Violence Essays

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Children deserve a safe, violence free parents who will love, and protect them; they also need stability in that when things go wrong outside the home, then their homes become a place of safety, comfort, love, help and support. According to United Nations International Emergency Children’s Fund (UNICEF, 2006) yearly hundreds of millions of children are exposed to domestic violence, and this leaves a profound negative impact in their lives and that of their future; furthermore, these children not only witness those violent acts but also hear the sounds and may be aware of the signs; it is a global fact. For the benefit of a clear understanding of this literature review it is most important to understand the definition of family/domestic violence and the definition of the word effect. Domestic violence also known as family violence is a pattern of behavior which involves abuse by one partner against the other in an intimate relationship or within the family such as physical aggression, biting, kicking, slapping, throwing objects or threats (Child Welfare, 2013). The word “effect” simply means the result or change. This paper, therefore, sets to explore the effects of family violence on children in different dimensions, looking at family violence globally, in the west, in Africa, its major effects on children and possible recommendations based on valid studies that have been carried out to support the topic.
2. Family Violence Globally
Domestic or family violence is a serious problem around the world. Physical or sexual violence is a public health problem that affects more than one third of women globally (WHO, 2013). Furthermore, World Health Organization did found out some interesting statistics in 2013 health report on the perc...

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