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Levitating beds, loss of memory for long periods of time, loss of bladder control, speaking in tongues, these are all symptoms known to be associated with possession. A possession is having control or owning (Farlex). When a person is possessed they have no control over their feelings or actions a majority of the time. The reason it is called a possession is because, when one is possessed, the spirit or demon has control over that person. The possession and exorcism of Roland Doe is one of the most documented possessions in history. Many still believe the case as fictional, but there is significant evidence of Doe’s possession.
The exorcism of Roland Doe was an unusual and frightening experience. The movie, The Exorcism, is a movie about a little girl that became possessed by a demonic spirit and was exorcised by a catholic priest (Leonard). This movie is based on the real life exorcism that took place in 1949, located in Rainer, WA on a boy between the age of 13 and 14 named Roland Doe (Berger). Although, many sources say the name of the boy has varied and no one is sure of the boy’s real name.
Doe was an only child and was very close with his Aunt Tillie (another name that is also varied in different sources). Aunt Tillie was an eccentric woman who was very involved in the "spirit world" (Wildman). She introduced the Ouija board to Doe and they would use it together (Opsasnick) (Wildman). (“The Ouija board is used as a method of alleged communication with the spirit world. Ouija boards have their roots of spiritualism which started in the United States in the late 1840s. Mediums claimed to be intermediaries between the living and dead”) (McCarthy).
Soon after Doe and his Aunt Tillie had begun to participate in the use of...

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