Essay The Posivist Approach

Essay The Posivist Approach

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Research Question 2
The positivist approach will be used for the second research question. Such an approach is viewed to be a scientific method that aims to gain information with the objective of discovering laws that may be generalised within similar conditions. Since the research is tackling the issue of foreign aid and sustainability, it has used the example of the effect of foreign aid in countries of Africa in order to contrast similarities in Palestine. Because the researcher is independent, and will adopt a traditional and scientific approach, it results in a concrete finding of similarity in the related situations, which would allow a more comprehensive conclusion and provide contributions to gaps in existing literature.
Corresponding to the positivist philosophy, a deductive approach will be adopted to meet the research objectives. Since quantitative data will be gathered, such an approach is practical. The researcher aims to measure the extent of effectiveness of the PEI, but prior to this must analyse the amount of foreign aid injected in the Palestinian economy and assess its implication to GDP. Deductive research is advantageous as it can be quicker to complete, although time must be allocated to setting up the study prior to data collection and analysis. Data collection is often based on ‘one take’ and it is fairly easy to predict the time schedules accurately. Additionally, deduction can be a lower-risk strategy, however there are risks, such as the non-return of questionnaires. Finally, there is the question of audience as most managers are familiar with this approach and are more likely to put faith in the conclusions stemming from this approach. Deduction involves moving from a theory to data...

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