Positive Views Of Capital Punishment Essay

Positive Views Of Capital Punishment Essay

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Positive Views of Capital Punishment in America
Churchmen and political idealist disagree with views for the death penalty. It is not a government mistake to have capital punishment. This form of punishment is a great asset to America. Having capital punishment is not only one of the best ways to enforce equal punishment, but it allows for continued justice. In organized detail, learn how retribution is what the death penalty is achieved, societies are accountable, and if there really is deterrence involved.
Conclusions have been declared that the death penalty is not moral it is too cruel. Stop and think for a second, if someone gets sent to death, they had to do something incredibly horrible. Murderers rarely ever get the death penalty. It is not moral for someone to kill another human being just out of hate or for the thrill of killing. Humans bring rational ideas of actions to act morally. It is that which brings dignity and a right to life to them. Intentionally taking the life of an innocent human being, so evil that absent mitigating circumstances, the perpetrator forfeits his own right to live. He or she deserves to die. The BTK Killer for example, deserved to die. He kidnapped young girls and murdered them viciously. He took innocent lives away and the future impact they could have had on our society. Why would society want someone who will continue to kill his or her children, to stay alive? “Every time a murder is executed, innocent lives are saved” (Perazzo 50).
Revenge and retribution get confused all the time. Revenge is giving pain toward an offender out of anger. Retribution is giving an offender a punishment that is equal to the crime he or she committed. It means that even though some people want revenge to g...

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...r. He was finally executed by the State of Virginia on Nov. 14, 1997; he will not be able to kill again” (Gurensey). Another point is the people that get spared the death penalty for LWOP, there is a great possibility the laws will change and become eligible for parole.
Capital punishment is a threat for future criminals and convicts. The intimidation it holds on wrong doers is working. Learning that there is no racism involved in death penalty gives the United States a reason to have it. Also knowing that this form of punishment is morally right and best of interest for citizens shows it a more logical reason on how to handle murders and terrorist. Receiving retribution makes our government a more solid team, because the U.S. is not going overboard on results in casting punishment. All these factors are what proves that the death penalty is of use to Americans.

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