Essay on Positive Reinforcement On Our Mental Health

Essay on Positive Reinforcement On Our Mental Health

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Positive Reinforcement on Health
What is the effect of positive reinforcement on your mental health? Positive reinforcement is considered to be one of the best ways to teach kids something, or emphasize a point. According to google, positive reinforcement is defined as the addition of any reward following a desired behavior. School systems today are using positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement, because kids like the reward that is given after the desired behavior thus resulting in improved learning and better mental health. Positive reinforcement affects Adults and children’s overall health.
General health throughout the years has been a widely researched area of study with many different studies conducted. One study that was conducted at health daily stated that the effect of positive reinforcement on patients with high blood pressure can help those same patients remember to take their medication. According to this study, positive reinforcement like patients receiving small gifts or simple good jobs actually helps patients remember to take their medication. The study goes on to say that patients who received positive reinforcement were 6 percent more likely to take their medication than patients who did not receive that same positive reinforcement. Now six percent may not seem like a lot but if we break it down that’s 600 people that will remember to take their medication out of a 1,000 and according to the Center for disease control there are 70 million people in the United States that have high blood pressure, so if we used positive reinforcement on every one of those patients there would be 4,200,000 people that would remember to take their medication. Based on this fact the bad behavior which in this case ...

... middle of paper ... the self-reflection use positive reinforcement to reinforce that good behavior of self-reflection. According to Doing what works library some of the positive reinforcements that can be used after a desired behavior is exhibited are smiling, giving a special privilege to that child and free time. According to doing what works library all of these will help children understand that the specific behavior that they exhibited was good which will in turn help them show that same behavior in the future.
In closing, overall health in adults and children is better reinforced with the presence of positive reinforcement. With the continued use of positive reinforcement there will be better overall health and improved parenting. With the continued use and integration of positive reinforcement into Adults and children’s daily lives, there will be drastic changes in the future.

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