Positive Psychology : How People Can Flourish And Be Successful Essays

Positive Psychology : How People Can Flourish And Be Successful Essays

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Positive psychology is what it says. It is a social and intellectual movement within the discipline of psychology that focuses on human strengths and how people can flourish and be successful. Positive psychology pursues three main “legs” on which the field stands. Positive subjective experiences (good moods, happiness, and love), positive individual traits (character strengths and virtues), and positive institutions (families, schools, & supportive work environments). Moods are “global, pervasive responses to experiences”. Being in a good mood has several beneficial effects. It makes people more agreeable, more helpful, and better decision-makers. Positive moods can promote creative solutions and faster thoughts, which in turn promote, positive emotions rather than negative ones. Positive emotions elicit nonspecific action tendencies that lead to adaptive responses (e.g., helping people in need when we are happy), and promote thought-action tendencies (e.g. children become imaginative when feeling joy). Thus, “the broaden-and-build model proposes that positive emotions broaden people’s outlooks and then builds on subsequent learning in order to develop future emotional and intellectual resources”.

Positive subjective experience also include flow and mindfulness. Flow is “the state of being wherein a person becomes fully involved and engage in the present time by some interesting, challenging, and intrinsically rewarding activity”. When in this state, people become less self-aware and lose all track of time. They focus all their energies and attention on an activity where skill and challenge are in balance. Once these criteria are met, the activity becomes intrinsically rewarding, produces positive emotions, and promotes goal at...

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...nd positive psychology is that that one does not claim that we have no control over our development while the other does. Freud’s theory states that human nature is viewed in a very negative way, while positive psychology is more optimistic. With Positive psychology, motivation comes from trying to fulfil certain needs and by doing this, the personality develops. Freud’s theory believed differently, it claims that motivation comes from the wants of the id- usually sexual in nature. Both approaches give different views on how the personality develops. Psychoanalytic theorists would suggest that development occurs through stages between infancy and adulthood due to psychosexual development. To contrast this view, the positive approach believes that the personality will continue to develop throughout the life until they reach a point where self-fulfillment is achieved.

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