Positive Forms Of Religious Coping Essay

Positive Forms Of Religious Coping Essay

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First and foremost, perspectives that follow spirituality, religion, and prayer related to treatment and medicine can be viewed from a historical approach. This view has been known to weigh heavily on chronic patients when it comes to their understanding of pain and decisions about pain management (Unruh, 2007). For example, psychicans of the Middle Ages strongly believed in managing pain and disease through religious rituals, sacrificial offering, and/or prayer (Unruh 2007; Castiglioni, 1975). Focusing in on prayer, evidence supports that prayer can be used as a coping mechanism for health concerns. Positive forms of religious coping have had explicit effects on both mental and physical health. Therefore, resulting in more overall positive outcomes (Sambamoorthi & Wachholtz, 2007). Examples of positive forms of religious coping are: spiritual support, increasing spiritual connection, asking for forgiveness, etc. Individuals who use positive religious techniques to cope, such as prayer, have a end result of better mental and psychical health outcomes (Sambamoorthi & Wachholtz, 2007).
Evidence has been found that has linked the connection between religion and spirituality and health. Pargament (2013) states that “many groups dealing with major life stressors such as natural disaster, illness, loss of loved ones, divorce, and serious mental illness” has shown that religion and spirituality are helpful to use as a type of coping technique. It is especially useful for people who have fewer resources and those who face problems that are more likely to be uncontrolled. However, the reasons for these associations are unclear. The essential question then becomes “what is it about religion and spirituality that accounts for their lin...

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... has an effect on the relationship between prayer and pain severity and pain tolerance (Dezutter, Wachholtz, & Corveleyn, 2011).
In conclusion, coping techniques, such as daily prayer may serve as a diversion from pain, thus allowing individuals to tolerate pain for longer periods of time (Alexander et al, 1991). One of the ideas of religious and spiritual coping is the separation of the mind from immediate (or daily stressors). Spiritual and religious coping may affect a number of different physiological, psychological, and neurological, and emotional domains that influence pain perception and tolerance. It has been written in the literature that religious and spiritual coping correlates with feelings of spiritual support, spiritual connection, peace, calmness, and decreased anxiety and results in an improvement of mood (Dezutter, Wachholtz, & Corveleyn,

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