The Positive Effects of Inclusion of Special Education Students Essay examples

The Positive Effects of Inclusion of Special Education Students Essay examples

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Special education has undergone immense changes through the years. Research and studies on the debate of whether or not inclusion is appropriate for special education students is just beginning to cultivate. The question has always been, what is best for these students? Schools and teachers are becoming leaders in the exploration of new paths, in search of new teaching styles and techniques. Mainstreaming or inclusion at the middle school and high school level, which is educating students with special needs in regular classes with their non-disabled peers, has proven to be beneficial for the special education students cognitive and social developmental needs. It can not only benefit the handicapped student but all students in the classroom.
What is a Learning Disorder?
Before developing an opinion on the matter of inclusion, one must first fully comprehend what a learning disorder is. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (2009), a Learning Disorders (LD) is a “specific neurological disorders that affect the brain's ability to store, process or communicate information”. To understand this, Kemp, Segal & Cutter (2010) used the example of a landline telephone. If the phone has faulty wiring, one has trouble communicating with someone they are trying to reach. If there is faulty wiring in the brain, the normal lines of communication are disrupted therefore making it difficult to process information. LDs vary in severity in each individual situation and effect everyone differently. Although LDs are often connected with other disabilities, it’s important to not get LDs confused with other disorders, like autism and down syndrome. Just because a child has a learning disability, one can not assume...

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...fter the study “remarked positively about the practice of inclusion, particularly about the critical value of a sense of community” (M. Smith; K. Smith, 2000). In “Toward Inclusion of Special Education Students in General Education” (2006) , Lorna Idol also explains how teachers feel about inclusion by stating:
“The majority of educators in all four schools favored teaching students with disabilities in grade-level classes with a special educator with them. In every school, nearly all secondary educators thought that the best choice was to include students with disabilities with general education students and to have all available adults work with any student needing assistance.”
This two examples are only a small glimpse of the extensive amount of support from teachers who have taught in an inclusive environment and believes that it benefits all involved.

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