The Positive Effect Of Social Learning Theory Based Internet Intervention

The Positive Effect Of Social Learning Theory Based Internet Intervention

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As always, technology offers an expanse of opportunity. Although both internet related studies mentioned here listed several limitations; their results clearly indicated that further research into this type of intervention, along with applicable correlations, will be very beneficial in terms of enhancing self-efficacy, reinforcement and motivation, and locus of control. Engaging people with terminal illness or obesity in their own recovery gives them a reason to take control and be accountable, which often has extremely positive results. The internet opens up vast options for utilizing this kind of approach with many different types of issues where self-reporting and social interaction forces a certain amount of accountability. Addicts can chat with supporters in times of crises when no one is available by phone. Cancer patients can connect with other people experiencing the same difficulties, and people trying to lose weigh can gain positive reinforcement and motivation by posting that day’s accomplishments. The positive effect of social learning-theory based internet intervention has already been exampled in some of these subsets using blogs and other online social groups. This approach allows access to many more people who may have difficulties with travel required for personal counseling or face to face accountability. It should be noted, however, that online programs are probably best used as a supplement for face to face interaction and treatment. This is because the internet offers a veil of ambiguity that can easily be used to avoid accountability and facilitate dishonesty in self-reporting if no check and balance system is in place.
Aside from obvious societal contributions to this accountability problem, there are other ...

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...placing a focus on external attributions instead.
Finally, society and government must hold people accountable for their decisions and behaviors, rather than looking for other reasons or excuses that explain it away. Social-learning theory supports that humans have the ability to process information cognitively and are not powerless under their biological and environmental influences. To summarize, this means that human beings have the ability to be the final deciding factor on how they will behave and therefore should always be accountable for that decision, at an individual and societal level. Rebuilding of the personal accountability philosophy across the general population will undoubtedly reduce or eliminate many social issues. Similar to the first step of admitting a problem, naming the elephant is how acknowledge its presence and work toward a resolution.

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