The Positive Aspects of Fracking Essay

The Positive Aspects of Fracking Essay

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Imagine a country that could depend solely on itself for energy, a place where energy wasn’t a concern. A country that unveiled an untouched, vast amount of energy that may be harnessed and used to create a legacy. The way this opportunity has presented itself, was through the courageous acts of many gas companies using a process called fracking. Through the use of hydraulic fracking, companies have created millions of jobs for people all across America. The problem is extremists and environmentalists want to bring this process to a halt, due to chemicals causing “harm” to the environment. Natural gas companies should be allowed to frack and gain access to the untapped colossal energy source available to us. Although there is possible negative effects of fracking, the positives outweigh any possible negatives tremendously.
Fracking has played a major role in the drilling industry for gas and oil in the U.S. since 1947, when George P. Mitchell the “father of fracking”, completed the very first trials of fracking. George Mitchell started the expansion of an untouched resource that would benefit this world in more ways than one. Hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracturing is a technique, in which water is typically mixed with sand and chemicals and the

mixture is injected at a high pressure into a gas pocket to create small fractures. In which fluids such as gas, petroleum, a uranium-bearing solution and brine water may migrate from one pocket to another and then into the well. Hydraulic pressure is removed from the well, then small grains of sand hold these fractures open once the rock achieves equilibrium. The gas then has openings to flow freely into the well, it is then slowly extracted out of the well by maste...

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