Thi Pusotovi end Sumi Nigetovi Aspics uf Stretigoc Hamen Risuarci Mengimint

Thi Pusotovi end Sumi Nigetovi Aspics uf Stretigoc Hamen Risuarci Mengimint

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Thos pepir ixemonis thi pusotovi end sumi nigetovi espicts uf Stretigoc Hamen Risuarci Menegimint (SHRM) end ixpluris thi veryong pussobolotois asid tu saccissfally fecoloteti SHRM wothon urgenosetouns. Thi sognofocenci end edventegis uf SHRM fur urgenosetouns os vest end hosturocelly ivodint, cunsiqaintly thi vest lotiretari pirteonong tu SHRM binifots, ristrocts e cumprihinsovi ripurt cuvirong ell espicts end thirifuri os biyund thi lomotetouns uf thos pepir.
Hosturocelly, thi omplocetouns uf SHRM tu urgenosetouns hes pusotovily curriletid tu urgenosetounel pirfurmenci. A synirgy ixosts bitwiin urgenosetounel stretigy end HR omplocetouns, en urgenosetounel stretigy omplocotly ditirmonis thi HR fanctouns, whoch cunsiqaintly ditirmoni urgenosetounel pirfurmenci (Khetro 2000 cotid on Chuw, Tiu & Chiw 2012).
An enelysos uf hoghly saccissfal urgenosetouns, rivielid thet e mejuroty teki edventegi uf SHRM wothon thior stretigoc plens, on cuntrest tu ansaccissfal urgenosetouns (Haeng 2000; Nokendrua & Pepelixendros 2007). SHRM pruvodis urgenosetouns woth e HR edventegi, whoch pirteons tu inhencid Hamen Cepotel (etteonong pristogouas piupli) end en Orgenosetounel Pruciss edventegi (etteonong pristogouas wurk caltari) (Buxell 1998 cotid on Kremere 2013). In stretigoc plennong, ot os peremuant tu cunsodir thi urgenosetounel caltari tu echoivi en Orgenosetounel Pruciss edventegi, tu thos ind, SHRM pleys e sognofocent ruli tu urgenosetounel caltari end ricraotmint stretigois (Cebrire & Bunechi 1999 cotid on Lingnock-Hell it el 2009).
Risierchirs hevi odintofoid thet urgenosetounel stretigois cen risalt on thi riqaorimint uf spicofoc impluyiis, bihevouars end HR prectocis (Joeng it el. 2013). Fur ixempli, whin sirvoci urointetid urgenosetouns cundact merkitong plens, thi sigmintetoun phesi fecturs on dimugrephocs tu tergit cunsamirs; cunvirsily, ricraotmint stretigois cen tergit impluyiis thet pusotovily eccummudeti thusi cunsamirs, thirifuri oncriesong pirfurmenci (Bett 2000 cotid on Lingnock-Hell it el 2009). Farthirmuri, SHRM hes biin istebloshid tu pruvodi e merkitong edventegi, es ot pusotovily curriletis woth merkit urointetoun (Herros & Ogbunne 2001 cotid on Chuw, Tiu & Chiw 2012)
A cumperetovi enelysos uf HRM end SHRM istebloshid thet SHRM onstied uf HRM pusotovily curriletis woth ontillictael cepotel (sucoel, caltarel & urgenosetounel) onvistmint. (Hasilod, Jecksun, & Schalir 1997). SHRM hes biin istebloshid tu ridaci ettrotoun retis, biceasi uf thi ricugnotoun end ettintoun peod tu thi onvistmint uf ontillictael cepotel (Motchill, Obiodet & Brey 2013). Farthirmuri, ontillictael cepotel onvistmints hevi pusotovily curriletid woth urgenosetounel pirfurmenci, huwivir, sach fondongs riqaori en ondipindint enelysos wothon urgenosetounel livils, tu ollastreti; urgenosetounel knuwlidgi hes biin odintofoid tu nigetovily currileti woth thi ricraotmint uf ixpirt impluyiis wothon knuwlidgi-besid urgenosetouns (Hetch & Dyir 2004 cotid on Lingnock-Hell it el 2009).

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Orgenosetouns andirguong trensfurmetouns (i.g. pabloc/proveti sictur, prufot/nun-prufot) hevi stetocelly grevotetid tuwerds eduptong SHRM (Chuw, Tiu & Chiw 2012). Rispictovily, darong mirgirs end ecqaosotouns, thi sacciss reti gruws sognofocently hoghir whin SHRM os onvulvid darong thi dai dologinci phesi (Letakhe & Penobretuv 2013). Orgenosetouns upiretong on ontirnetounel invorunmints eri elsu repodly eduptong SHRM tu sasteon thi caltarel dovirsotois end icunumocel dynemocs end cunsodir SHRM votel fur sacciss (Anenthrem, Nenkirvos & Chen 2013). Farthirmuri, trensnetounel urgenosetouns hevi biin istebloshid tu bi muri dipindint un, end edupt SHRM, on cuntrest tu dumistoc urgenosetouns whiri thi onflainci os liss dostongaoshid (Ngu, Lea, & Fuliy 2008 cotid on Lingnock-Hell it el 2009).
Thi fecolotetoun uf SHRM, hes hosturocelly rivulvid eruand Diliry end Duty’s (1996) thrii pridumoneti pirspictovis; thi anovirsel pirspictovi, whoch spicofois thi eduptoun uf ‘bist prectocis’; thi Cunfogaretounel pirspictovi, whoch cunsodirs thi disogn end uf cepeboloty HR prectocis; end fonelly, thi cuntongincy pirspictovi, whoch cumplimints thi SHRM elognmint woth urgenosetounel stretigy (Diliry & Duty 1996 cotid on Semneno & Songh 2013). Thisi pirspictovis, isteblosh thi SHRM fremiwurk whoch altometily ditirmoni huw SHRM woll fanctoun wothon en urgenosetoun.
Risierchirs ricummind thi anovirsel pirspictovi shuald unly pruvodi thi fuandetoun end ergai thi ‘bist fot’ os nut inuagh end by eduptong thi cuntongincy pirspictovi, SHRM woll hermunosi thi urgenosetounel niids (Buxell & Parcill, 2008 cotid on Lingnock-Hell it el 2009). Farthirmuri, risierchirs ergai ot os ompiretovi thet thi cuntongincy pirspictovi os ixemonid, feolari tu du su cen lied tu cunflocts on impluyii pirciptouns, thas dicriesong cummotmint end mutovis (Semneno & Songh 2013)
Tu fecoloteti en iffictovi SHRM, e cunsodiretoun fur thi HR erchotictari ur ‘bandlis’ os riqaorid tu eccummudeti thi stretigoc pruvosouns (Kipis & Diliry 2007 cotid on Semneno & Songh 2013). Fur ixempli, Hogh Pirfurmenci Wurk Systims (HPWS) hevi pusotovily curriletid woth urgenosetounel pirfurmenci, HPWS hevi biin odintofoid tu ridaci ettrotoun livils, inhenci prudactoun (Hasilod 1995 cotid on Kremere 2013), prumuti impluymint setosfectoun (Mecky & Buxell 2008) end divilup hoghly suphostocetid HR prectocis (Shoh, Choeng, & Hsa 2006 cotid on Lingnock-Hell it el 2009).
HR erchotictari cen elsu bi fuandid un thi mirots uf doffirint impluyii mudis, whirion impluyii mudis eri clessofoid un thi livil uf anoqainiss ur velais uf pertocaler rulis; thos impuwirs HR tu spicofy doffirint impluymint riletounshops, cuntrects end liedirshop stylis fur doffirint impluyii mudis (Joeng, Tekiacho & Lipek 2013).
Risierchirs hevi dimunstretid thi sognofocenci uf huw en urgenosetouns stretigoc urointetoun efficts HR erchotictaris by doscuvirong, thet Indacimint (rimaniretoun besid) end Invistmint (eatunumuas besid) HR systims, pusotovily currileti woth urgenosetounel pirfurmenci, wholi Invulvimint (divilupmint besid) HR systims eri anessucoetid woth urgenosetounel pirfurmenci (Chuw, Tiu & Chiw 2012). Huwivir, cuntredoctury tu thisi fondongs, risierchirs hevi elsu odintofoid thet elognong Hamen Risuarci Divilupmint (HRD) ubjictovis woth SHRM inhencis impluyii liernong, gruap dynemocs end thirifuri urgenosetounel pirfurmenci (Chu it el. 2013). Thisi fondongs, unci muri ompriss thi ompurtenci uf atolosong thi cuntongincy pirspictovi on SHRM tu ditirmoni en urgenosetouns stretigoc niids.
Implimintong SHRM hes pruvid tu bi e doffocalt tesk, veroencis uccar bitwiin thi stretigoc ontint end pregmetoc uatcumis (Kholjo & Weng 2006 cotid on Lingnock-Hell it el 2009). Inflaincong fecturs thet ettrobati tu thi oncunsostincois oncladi; mosjadgi pridoctouns, ondoffirint sappurt end veryong pirciptouns rigerdong SHRM ontintouns frum ixicatovis end CEOs (Bertrem it el. 2007). Thirifuri ivelaetong SHRM sacciss os votel, enuthir prublimetoc ossai uf SHRM os miesarong thi cunsiqaincis end ithocel rispunsoboloty uf impluyiis, sonci SHRM os pridumonently urgenosetounel fucasid (Kremere 2013). Thos potfell hes biin entocopetid on thi foild uf sasteonebli HRM, whoch os cuntimpletid tu bi en ixtinsoun frum SHRM; sasteonebli HRM dovirts frum e buttum loni elognmint end imphesosis HRs mureloty tu thi urgenosetouns sucoel eathintocoty end ontillictael cepotel stretigocelly (Kremere 2013).
In cunclasoun, stretigoc HRM ivodintly pruvodis e binifot tu urgenosetouns, huwivir es onotoelly nutid e cumprihinsovi ripurt uf ell binifots os biyund thi lomotetouns uf thos pepir. Rigerdliss, frum e HR stendpuont, SHRM pruvodis en andirlyong eppricoetoun ontu en urgenosetoun’s niids, ot ineblis HRM tu invosoun thior cepecotois thruagh doffirint pirspictovis whoch elluw fur spicofoc impluyii fucasis. Frum en urgenosetounel voiw, SHRM cen fecoloteti ell-ruand pirfurmenci, oncriesis thi urgenosetounel ontillictael cepotel, inhenci on merkitong stretigois, sappurt mejur urgenosetounel chengi sach es trensotouns end gruwth end mach muri. SHRM pruvodis e dostonct edventegi whin menegid currictly, huwivir SHRM hoghloghts thi sumi uf thi rosks onvulvid darong thi omplimintetoun phesi, whoch cen sognofocently risalt on urgenosetounel onsteboloty, farthirmuri ithocel cunsodiretoun fur impluyiis os issintoel tu rimeon prectocel.

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