Positive And Positive Sanctions On Human Norms Essays

Positive And Positive Sanctions On Human Norms Essays

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) Value emphasis, norms, sanctions
The term value may be defined as the degree or level of importance that is attached to something with regard to describing the significance of different actions or what actions in life are best to follow. Norms may be defined as cultural products whose main purpose is to represent the basic knowledge in an individual with regard to what other people do and what other individuals think they are supposed to do. Simply put, they are information understanding whose main purpose is to govern the way individuals behave in the societal setting. Sanctions may be defined as punishments or rewards within the societal setting that are designed and instituted to enforce the various norms existent therein. Sanctions are divided into negative and positive sanctions; with the positive being rewards and the negative sanctions being punishments.
Within the societal setting, sanctions are employed in enforcing norms. Here, positive sanctions are employed in encouraging norms while the negative sanctions are employed in discouraging specified behaviors. Cultures are designed to hold common values with regard to right and wrong. The development of cultures takes place in a background of values. A value system is enforced through the development and or institution of sanctions.

B) Profane, Sacred, Social Constructions
The term profane may be defined as the sum of thought processes and actions that are devoted or relate to something, which is not religiously upright or sacred. The term sacred means that which is connected and or dedicated to God or a specific religion purpose thus deserving veneration. Through one of its broadest definitions, the term social is presented as a nature or quality of living organi...

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...numerical constructions, which built by insignificant differences on a place simple, global entities. A coded human continuation is one without the singleness of the liberal subject matter. Instead of an array of singleness determinations or a disharmony of diverse feelings and personalities, areas under discussion are transliterated into cryptograms functioning by means of differences of ones and zeroes.
Current media logicians occasionally connect the perception of communal realization to gesture the internet as the most important mediator in the construction of a truly global community. In a certain dialogue with online machinery evaluation defined the perception of internet society as this new Jungian notion that people live in an age if mechanistic, wrong individualism and that they are now on the doorstep of a new mutation…They all share a collective mindset.

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