Essay on Positive and Negative Side Effects of Boarding Schools

Essay on Positive and Negative Side Effects of Boarding Schools

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A boarding school is an community that usually provides a clean secured and healthy enviroment for students living on campus. However, Everything created on earth has negative and positive side of view.
Well start talking about campus, The way students live in it, How hard for some of them to accept it! And how do they get used to it? Well talk about some advantges and disadvantges of living on campus. Then well move on and talk about the other way for abroad students to live "apartments Some parents would love to see their children getting more matured one of the ways that parents use to help their children to get matured and growing up is by sending them to boarding schools, Boarding school arent usually the perfect soloution to get the child to be more independent and matured, Because once a child finds his freedom he becomes more careless.
Supervision is one of the most important thing that a boarding school should and must provide around school in campus during classes and all. Cause the supervisor is the main parent of the student at a boarding school.
Students being influenced: Boarding schools has a big influence on a child starting by the person he decides to start a friendship with "accompany". If both students had a polite habit then both well complete till the end of the year withapolite and good habit usaully a bad habit affe ts more on the good habit if a student had a bad habit as smoking drinking being careless it may affect the polite student that he has accompany with.Teenagers usauly have a nice enviroment by coperation helping each other with their works studying quizez assgiments and etc.
Organiziation: Students are more organized in a campus they have organized time for everything, The school off...

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... and rebellous tongue
because thats where the doctors
sent their duaghters
because the nuns would know what to do
with a girl like me
because they woukd do their best
to pur into the mold
with china limbs and lace collars
and because they had the fingers crossed
that i would come out nice
like a forl centerpiece you could
put right into the center
of youre dinner oarty , gleaming
as heads of cut flowers
bobbed there, grateful,arranged,
blinking and nodding with grace
saying yes, yes, turn me
and they would turn me
from what i was
into what they wanted
not the wolf girl
not soaring beast with smoking hair
but a tame hareford
amiable, smooth child they could love
with no thoughts that were devil-born
a flat good prize of a girl
in a morning mirror
I, would encounter myself
calm, bovine , accepting
beloved of mother Supreior
cherished of god the father.

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