Positive And Negative Impacts On The Development Of The Self Essay

Positive And Negative Impacts On The Development Of The Self Essay

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Socialization is the process where people learn the attitudes, values and behaviors that are appropriate for members of a particular culture. During socialization people learn about societal norms as well as how to communicate and interact with others. Humans are not born with the understanding of how to behave properly in society, this is something that we learn as we grow and discover the self, a distinct identity of who we are, that emerges from our interactions with society. The development of the self is influenced by socializing agents which are used to transmit culture. Socializing agents include family, school, peer groups, and mass media and technology which all have both positive and negative impacts on the development of the self.
Schools are one of the earliest attempts at socialization following family, schools socialize children into the norms and values of culture. Schools have many positive impacts on the development of the self. In school children learn important skills like math and reading, they also learn important life skills such as learning how to interact with their peers and teachers. In the classroom they learn values and customs of society from the way teachers and other classmates behave. Children learn what is deemed acceptable by society by the way teachers and their peers react to their behaviors and actions. Personally I believe that schools are important because it is where children encounter diversity, many times for the first time in their lives. My elementary school was in a Russian-Jewish neighborhood, so a result most of the children in the school were

also Russian-Jewish. My middle school was also in a Russian neighborhood, it was also a predominantly Russian school,...

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...re similar interests with them. Commonly people will associate themselves with people of similar backgrounds and people who share a common language with them. This is true in my life as well, many of my close friends share the same Russian language with me, and are the same social class as me. Our peers influence the movies we watch, the music we listen to and can influence impactful decisions in our lives. Peer pressure can be a negative impact of peer groups, forcing an individual to do something that he might not want to do, just to fit in with the rest of the group.
Socializing agents are an important role in the socialization process that all humans go through. Beyond the family which is the most important socializing agent, school, mass media, and peer groups are the three most important and influential agents that have impacts on the development of the self.

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