Essay on Positive and Negative Impacts of the U.S. Economy on the World

Essay on Positive and Negative Impacts of the U.S. Economy on the World

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What are the positive and negative impacts of the U.S. economy on the world?
The USA is the leader of the earthly concern economy. It has the largest and strongest economy in the world, because United States has GDP per capita $49,800 (The World Factbook). The USA is an engine of world economy, the reason of changing and permutation of economic situation. The United States of America very strongly influences world economy. Many international and world transactions pass in US dollar. The increase and fall of dollar changes all world economy. All technologies and the newest technicians become and checked in America. Because of this essay will learn about the influence of the USA economy on the world economy. This essay seeks to check the positive and negative impacts of the American economy on the world economy. This research will test the economic factors of the United States economy and inquiries of the questionnaire.
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The America motivates other countries actively to fight for access on the market of the USA and strengthening of the positions in this market. The USA is made only by 5% of the population in the world, but the economy makes more than one quarter of economic production (US market economy). Many countries want to be in cooperation with the USA. America is the most demanded and the confidential country for different transactions. Dollar serves as a uniform standard on which all currencies of the developed countries equally. In practice all participants of international payments are guided by dollar. Because of each country seeks to be in cooperation or rivalry with this economic power to have the relations with the world and international community.

Still in many developi...

... middle of paper ...

...ce shows these charts economy of the USA on world economy. They do not know about political and the economic relations between the countries.

Conclusion: World influences of America show its high degree of responsibility. The USA as the engine for world economy, it is the main reason of changes of world economy. Some countries can lose much if the United States gets to recession. This essay showed all positive and negative influence of economy of the USA on world economy. Positive effects more the best in many respects and in the truth the world economy improves.

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