Positive And Negative Impacts Of Cruise Ships

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Positive and Negative Impacts that Cruise Ships have in Tauranga Positives: Dredging has begun in the Tauranga shipping channels. The channels will be widen and deepened form 12.9 metres to 14.5 metres inside the harbor and 15.8 metres outside the harbor. With the new depth and width of the shipping channel, Tauranga will be able to receive visits from ships that are 8,200 twenty-foot equivalent and the current it can withhold is only 4,500. The dredged material will mostly consist of clean sand and will be placed in an off-shore deposition site. This is good as they are not ruining the environment while deepening the harbor. Due to the dredging, the Port of Tauranga is able to host the giant cruise ship Oviation of the Seas. The Royal Caribbean cruise ship is 348 metres long, more than 50 metres high and can host up to 5000 passengers and 1,500 crew. The cruise industry brings a lot of economic benefit to the wider bay of plenty economy. For example each time the Oviation of the seas is in port in Tauranga, the region will receive $780,000. The number of cruise ships that visit Tauranga has increased by 900 per cent in the last 10 years. In the 2004-2005 season only 8 ships visited the Port of Tauranga, but in 2014-2015 they received 83 ships, with 15 of these being double-ship days and three trip ship days. Tauranga receives 12 per cent of the national cruise revenue, which is approximately $45 million each season. Tauranga is New Zealand’s biggest port! It sells more shore excursions than any other port in the country. Over 55 per cent of the passengers stay in the local region, while the other passengers travel out to Rotorua and Hobbiton. As it is the busiest port it is bringing in lots of tourist into our country. As... ... middle of paper ... ...e economic downfall the cruise season has as the prices rise, the beautiful city also gets over run by tourists and it is hard for locals to enjoy and nice summer walk along the beach. Even though the dredging that is happening in Tauranga is a positive, it is also a negative. It took 4 years for them to get consent to start the dredging. There were quite a few conditions that came along with the consent and one of these included a minimum distance from Te Kuia Rock (a sacred rock) When the fishing boats go out to see, the men on board throw over a piece of food or a small coin, this is an offering to the Kuia. The rock then provides good luck to the men. If the Rock is damaged in the dedreging this will cause a lot of emotional damage to the community as it is very sacred. 3343&objectid=11447824 http://www.tourism2025.org.nz/assets/Uploads/Cruise-Report-2014.pdf

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