Essay on The Positive and Negative Impacts Media

Essay on The Positive and Negative Impacts Media

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Media, the plural of medium, is a term used for all different types of communication channels through which information is exchanged. It is very broad term and used to describe different ways or channels through which we disseminate or receive information. The popular communication channels are television, radio, newspapers, telephones, computer, internet, fax, books etc. The type of information that is disseminated or received includes news on different aspects, educational information, marketing related messages, public service messages, rules and regulations, to name a few. Collectively, all these communication channels i.e. radio, newspapers, television, internet etc. are known as “mass media”.
Media has evolved into different forms over the years along with the technological developments in the world. Today, media has enabled humans to exchange information to different parts of the world within a matter of nanoseconds. This information can be exchanged in the form of text, audio, visuals, etc. Expansion of media channels and its access to common people across the boundaries has influenced their lives. This impact of media on lives of the people can be regarded as positive and negative.
The positive aspects of media on our lives are numerous. We can access information about any institution, government body, corporate or even another person through internet. Mobile phone has helped the people to communicate with other people in the far-flung areas. Starting with the newspapers, television and radio which are a major source of the news and information about the world affairs, media has emerged into really sophisticated tools such as computer, fax, internet, electronic mail (e-mail) and mobile phone. Internet has revolutioniz...

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... on your virtual profile. This is also available to other people (friends) in your list of friends. So with the popularity of these comments a kid fell prey to this behavior and avoids having interaction with other kids.
I handled a situation when one of my classmates who was jealous of my being so social with other classmates uploaded my edited photos on my wall. These photos were also seen by my other friends. And the next day in school all gossip was about my pictures. Soon as the pictures had gone viral it became really difficult to stop it. I wasn’t sure about the guy though I had doubt. It was hard to remove the pictures from the Facebook then.
Social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can use strong barriers which can censor the key words used in the bullying other people. Laws must be made in order to prevent the privacy of the people.

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