Positive and Negative Aspects of Mrs. Johnson's Career Essay examples

Positive and Negative Aspects of Mrs. Johnson's Career Essay examples

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1. Given her current situation, identify some positive and negative aspects of her current career.

Positive and Negative of Mrs. Johnsons career:
Given Mrs. Johnsons current career situation here are the positive aspects and the negative aspects of her job.

Positive Aspects
Negative Aspects
Provides her with a steady income.

Not part of the management team, does extra duties around the shop she is not compensated for the extra duties.
Uses current technology tools, which can be useful at a later date when she starts her own business.
Her income is based on an hourly wage,which can result in financial stress during times of inflation.
She enjoys where she works, she likes to make a last impression for the pets and the pets owners as well.
She uses her credit cards to make ends meet every month.

2. What suggestions do you think Shelby should consider related to her current and future career activities.

The suggestions that Mrs. Johnson should consider related to her current and future career activities are through trade offs or career decisions, developing a career action plan,industry trends.

The first suggestion that Mrs. Johnson should consider would be her career choice factors through trade offs or career decisions. She needs to ask her some tough questions is this just a job for me or can I make a career out of my current job. According to our test a “job is an employment position only to earn money” (Kapoor,2014), however a career is a “commitment to a profession that requires continued training and offers a clear path for occupational growth” (Kapoor,2014). Since Mrs. Johnson still is in College she still can contemplate on her career choice. Bu...

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...terview cloths are ready. Mrs.Johnson needs to make sure she has her resume, a list of references and a list of question to ask the interviewer with her.Always use interview etiquette while in an interview, which consists of relaxing, leaning towards the interviewer to seem interested and engaged. Always listen and ask questions throughout the interview process. Last always send the company you are interviewing with a thank you note.

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