The Position of Women in Religious Scripture Essay

The Position of Women in Religious Scripture Essay

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The position that women have in religious scripture has given them a lesser spot in society. When God created a man it made sense to create his partner, the female. Because the man is created first and then the women from his rib, the female gender in religious scripture has been discriminated on. This is shown in the various books of the Old and New Testaments, teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Qur’an. First, the Old Testament illustrates women as the corrupter of men. Next, the teachings of Jesus show more equality among genders even though the New Testament does not. Finally, the Qur’an depicts women as having a subservient role to men allowing men to take advantage.
With these interpretations of God’s words, society as a whole has held women back. This is caused by the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge and because Eve gave Adam the fruit, women have been held in responsibility for all of man’s mistakes. It also forced God to punish mankind with an ending life. This confirms why women have been discriminated on by men throughout time in religious scripture.
It is possible the deceitful ways of women were brought about by the treatment women typically received in scripture and society. One example of disregard was with Lot and his daughters. In Genesis 19, the men of Sodom gathered around Lot’s house, and asked that he bring his two guests out so that the men can “know” them. To “know” is interpreted as a desire to rape the visitors. Lot offers his two virgin daughters to the angry mob instead. ( he did this deed, Lot is regarded as an honorable man and was saved when the city was destroyed. This deed did more harm than good by allowing people to think it was ok what he did.

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