Position Of Advisor / Un And International Affairs Coordination At The Secretariat For Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms

Position Of Advisor / Un And International Affairs Coordination At The Secretariat For Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms

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I am pleased to submit my application for the advertised position of Advisor/UN and International Affairs Coordination at the Secretariat for Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms (SCRM). The position constitutes a challenging, yet unique professional opportunity to bring the combination of my experience, competencies and passion to bear in the service of SCRM and the larger cause it represents. My record will amply demonstrate significant and relevant knowledge and experience in all the prominent dimensions of the job – substantive and consistent work in coordination, communication and multiple stakeholder engagement over the entire span of my professional career, experience in policy development and its accountability, extensive knowledge and servicing of the UN system in intergovernmental processes and a proven record of a deep and humanistic approach to service of individuals and the collective alike. In fact, I will be deeply honoured to have the opportunity to serve SCRM.

My professional career spans over 28 years, including over 17 years with the United Nations, in both the field and Headquarters (ICSC, UN/DPKO, UN/DM/OHRM, UN/OSAGI, UN/DESA and UNESCAP) in a broad range of thematic areas including management, gender issues and empowerment of women, human resources policies, sustainable development, transport and environment issues, private sector development and participatory approaches. Prior to joining the UN, I worked in the fields of teaching, research and consultancy at the national, regional and international levels in the areas of civil engineering, transport and infrastructure development, water supply systems, rural and urban development, socio-economic studies and feasibility studies.

Currently I work as Huma...

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...c level French, Spanish and Thai language skills. In terms of formal education, I hold a Master’s degree in Public Administration with concentration in diplomacy and international relations as well as a Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. I have been contemplating to be a part of the current change process towards building stronger and peaceful Sri Lanka. This post would grant me a great opportunity to make a meaningful contribution with my experience and competencies as well as my passion and commitment towards building, sustaining and celebrating peace in my country. I believe that my qualifications, extensive experience and competencies match the requirements of the above position. I would be happy to provide you with any further information as required, and hope that my application may be of interest to you.

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