Poseidon 's Power And Its Impact On Ancient Greece Essay

Poseidon 's Power And Its Impact On Ancient Greece Essay

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Ancient Greece was overseen by many gods and goddesses, but there were few gods that held more power than other. Poseidon was one of those gods and he was the god of water, earthquakes and horses. Through his abilities he was capable of doing extraordinary things. We are fortunate enough to some of that power has been recorded and displayed through various art and stories. Poseidon’s power and will was very prominent in ancient Greece through various forms of art, epics, and other oral stories.
There are many forms of art, but I will be focusing on the sculptures and architecture. These two forms of art portray Poseidon very well. First I’ll explain his power through sculptures. There are tons of sculptures of Poseidon, but there are a few that were important in different stages of Greek history. First there is a bronze sculpture of a man that stands six foot ten inches tall, in the National Archeological Museum in Athens. This statue is said to be Zeus or Poseidon throwing there weapon of choice, if it were Zeus it would be a lightning bolt and if it were Poseidon it would be his trident. They can’t say for sure which god he is because he is missing that weapon of choice. We also don’t know who the sculptor was that created this amazing statue. What we do know is that whichever god this is, Poseidon or Zeus, he is powerful. One way his power is shown is through his physical build and his height. According to our textbook The Humanistic Tradition volume one, him being naked is able to, “convey the majesty and physical vitality of a mighty Greek deity” (114). It is easy to tell he is strong because we can see each muscle and how define he is, but if he had clothes on it would be harder to distinguish muscular build. Plato, a Greek...

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...is also use of the trident in the story, which was a symbol of his power; even though Poseidon lost the contest he was still held in high regards in Athens, just not above Athena.
After all the research that has been done I think it is easy to say Poseidon was a powerful god and if his will wasn’t done he had no problem displaying that power. I think the sculptures and architecture he is in do a great job conveying this message. I also think the stories that he is recorded in back up what is being displayed through the sculptures. I know all the Greeks that contributed to this great art wanted that messaged to be conveyed through the art and I think that they did a great job doing so. Though in the end he may not come out on top in every battle or contest the art shows us that Poseidon’s power and will always put up a good fight and was not something to take lightly.

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