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I am now exactly 6 months into my mission to infiltrate the most notable of kingdoms to the east of our fair nation. I started my expedition posing as a wealthy trader, to help reinforce my disguise I brought with me a small caravan. I have my wife Adriana, 4 camels laden with wares and 2 slaves. I started my quest with the goal of identifying the best of the major empires to ally and establish trade routes with.
The first leg of my journey brought me to Constantinople, a great city on the Eastern edge of the Mediterranean. Although they weren't hostile my business wasn't welcome, they only open their commerce to French, Dutch and English traders. Although they are a mighty force, as more and more of the citizens become fabulously wealthy, the power is becoming less centralized, and therefore weaker. One could assert that the Ottomans are filling the void left by the collapse of the Holy Roman empire. The culture of this area is a mash up of all the lands that the empire encompasses. The architecture ranges from elaborate mosques to Western European style fortifications. Although they are tolerate towards all monotheistic religions the main religion is Muslim.
After re-stocking my supplies I set on my way to my next stop, India. India is controlled by the Mughals, an empire that came into power in 1556. Trade is arguably the biggest thing India has going for it. A system of money, called the hundi, is in place, which allows for a lending industry as well. Due to flourish urban trade centers, goods are made both for royalty and the commoner. A major strength of the traders in India is there ability to stay mobile, this allows for them to remain profitable even if they have to leave an overly taxed, or otherwise hostile area....

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...t I will elaborate on the current state of affairs there. The official religion of the ruling class and a good portion of subjects is Muslim; however, this is not forced upon subjects. For this reason many citizens remain Hindu. The Muslim lunar calender was abolished in favor of the solar calender due to agricultural reasons. The previous tax on non-Muslims has also been dropped recently, this all makes for a very tolerant government. As with any nation there are some good rulers and some not so great, the most notable good leader is Akbar the great. Akbar the great is known for expanding the empire and starting its golden age. There are however some not so great rulers such as Shah Jahan who spent much of the empires wealth on an extravagant lifestyle and a beautiful building called the Taj Mahal. As I said before the economic climate is ideal, and trade flourishes.

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