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Essay on Portuguese Culture

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Portugal, a beautiful country that has Latin roots like most language is one of the major languages of the world the sixth most spoken worldwide in fact (The Portuguese Language). As a child born in the Azores, and then immigrating here, I have been able to keep my culture alive despite the difference of culture here. Mostly because of my parents traditional ways being etched deeply into me to not forget where I came from. Throughout my life I seemed to be affected by the culture from outside the household but my Portuguese culture seemed to stick with me regardless. The other cultures seemed to have little effect in what I did, what we believed in, what we ate.
Portuguese is beautiful language when listened too. The language is one of the Romance languages and was influenced by many cultures during its time of its uprising of becoming a country. First influenced by the Romans when invading the Iberian peninsula in Europe where today Spain, Portugal, Andorra and part of France coexist today (The Portuguese Language).Then was influenced by the Germanic people which influenced the current Portuguese style. Not only was Portuguese affected by Latin brought by the Romans but also the Celtic, Germanic people and even the French. Portuguese gained new words such as the Portuguese word ‘guerra’ which means war from the Germanic people. Interestingly enough, the word 'rua' (street) is similar to the French word 'rue' which was brought over from when French infiltrated Portugal during the 10th and 11th centuries.(The Portuguese Language)
Being Portuguese has affected the way I talk and had definitely affects the way I write. In my household I speak both English and Portuguese, My father and mother when she was alive spoke to us in Portugu...

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