The Portrayal of Themes in To Save A Life

The Portrayal of Themes in To Save A Life

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In the movie, ‘To Save a Life’ one of the main themes is centralized around the saving of lives. This theme was portrayed by several characters to each other must prominently Jake saving Johnny’s life. In order to understand the great feat and magnificent action he had performed, the theme must first be clearly defined. The action of saving is defined as keeping safe, protecting or rescuing someone or something from any potential or particular harm; Life is defined as the existence of an individual human being. Three (3) main instances in which it is portrayed that Jake had saved Johnny’s life will be discussed in this essay. These instances are as followed; one, when Jake had invited Johnny to join the Christian lunch group; two, when Jake had insisted on spending time with Johnny instead of leaving him by himself at home and; finally three, when Jake had cleared Johnny’s reputation as the school bomb caller and also physically stopped him from overdosing on pills.
After forming the Christian lunch group with Andrea, a member of the teenage Christian youth group, Jake had decided to invite Johnny, a teenage boy who had recently been ridiculed by a fake invitation to a party, to join him. At the first few invitations Johnny had not accepted giving excuses such as having “Math Homework”, eventually however, he had joined the group and had begun to be much happier and vibrant in personality. If Jake had not invited Johnny to lunch with his new found friends more than likely the young teenager would continue to have feelings of worthlessness and of being unappreciated. This can be assumed due to the fact that, at the end of the movie, Johnny had written a note to Jake thanking him for his lunch invitation and making him feel as though life is worth living because people care about his wellbeing. He had then ended the letter by saying, “If you [Jake] hadn’t invited me to lunch that day I don’t know where I’d be right now.”
In the second instance, Jake had once again saved Johnny’s life by being persistent in not letting Johnny stay by himself after dropping him at home from school. Jake repeatedly insists that Johnny invites him in and even goes to great lengths by stalling Johnny and telling him that he also likes video games. This act saved Johnny’s life in two ways, as one, it resulted in him having a friend whom he could lean on for emotional support and two, it physically stopped him from making any attempts to suicide or to cause himself harm by cutting his wrists.

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This can be assumed as it is after this act that Johnny begins to hang out with Jake more and he also speaks to him about any life issues he may have. It can also be assumed that he would have attempted to suicide or cut his wrists based on his overall composure and attitude when Jake had offered him a ride; his poise was of depression and gloom.
The final instance in which Jake had saved Johnny’s life is when he had jeopardizes his academic attendance, as he could have been expelled, in order to save him. After finding out that the bomb caller was not Johnny but in fact, Danny, Jake had devised a plan among his friends to clear Johnny’s name. In order to do this however, he had to leave the school premises. The mere act of leaving the school premises while the school was on lock down due to the bomb threat was punishable with an expulsion from school; Despite this however, Jake was determined in helping his friend and saving his social status. After his planned had worked and he had left school he had placed all his might in trying to stop the police car hauling Johnny away. Eventually when he had caught up with them he had explained the truth and saved Johnny’s reputation. This one act however, also unconsciously saved his life in another way as while travelling in the police car; Johnny had pills which he was halfway in the process of overdosing on but was physically stopped due to Jake apprehending him.
In conclusion, there are several themes in the movie, ‘To Save a Life’; the most distinguished being, the act of saving a life. The movie however, highlighted that the act of saving a life is to some extent easy; what is difficult, is someone knowing, who is in need of a rescuer.

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