The Portrayal Of The Movie ' If The Shoe Fits ' Essay

The Portrayal Of The Movie ' If The Shoe Fits ' Essay

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People throughout history have been known to commit evil acts that harm other people. The television show Criminal Minds, consists of numerous serial killers that commit heinous crimes that harm people and a team from the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI investigates the crimes. In one particular episode called “If the Shoe Fits,” a girl named Claire kills men who she meets that are in her opinion only after sex and not true love. Throughout the episode the girl is said to be in her own fairy tale, in this case it is Cinderella. She kills men by stabbing them multiple times, impaling them with the heel of her stilettos, and placing a watch or phone in their mouths with an alarm set to midnight. In the episode the FBI concludes that her actions were caused by the situation that she was in as a child. Her father sexually abused her and left her while she was very young which caused her to target young men that were after sex (Criminal Minds Season10 Episode 6). Claire’s actions would not coincide with Mengzi views on human nature because she shows no emotion to the actions that she commits. Her actions comport with Doris, Haidt and Hsün Tzu’s views because of her situation, her moral intuition and her evil nature.
Doris’ view on situationism is that humans behave because of situational factors and not their personal traits. In this case the audience can see that Claire was sexually abused as a child, which played a large role in her future, which happened to be murdering men that touched her like her father did. Claire’s personal traits changed from joyful to unhappy because of the evil actions of her father. This shows that her father was the root cause of her shaping into the monster that she is. The audience sees that Clair...

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...e does not use reasoning to make her decisions.
Claire’s actions in the episode of Criminal Minds may be seen as disgusting and horrifying, but to her it’s just what she does on an everyday basis. Hsün Tzu would say that if she sees it as morally correct, then she would not be revolted by her own actions. Doris would conclude that because of her situation as a child her actions grew out of anger from her father’s decision to sexually abuse her and abandon her. While Claire’s actions do not comport Mengzi’s views at all because Claire does not show remorse from her actions. Because of Claire’s situation as a child and because human nature is evil, her actions are evil. One can also say that Claire’s actions are of a masochist, who feeds off of other people’s suffering in exchange for her gratifications. In which Fromm would agree that Claire’s actions are sadistic.

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