Portrayal Of Hip Hop Culture Essay

Portrayal Of Hip Hop Culture Essay

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Hip Hop culture has been the same throughout the years, such as expressing themselves, in their songs there are always themes and hinted quotes they tell their audiences on how they feel or what they did. Also in Hip Hop one of the biggest stereotypes is selling drugs. The film Notorious displays, what Hip Hop Culture is, such as rapping to express themselves and portrayal of drugs.
The film Notorious starts with scene in La, California, this is where most African American artist start their career at example NWA, where Biggie is about to be killed. Before the shooting occurs, the film flashes back to Biggie 's childhood. When Biggie was a child, he lived it by being obsessed with money and fine jewelry. In order to achieve, such money he ends up selling drugs. He continues to sells drugs, and when he hears his girlfriend, Jan Jackson, was pregnant he takes drug dealing to a new level. Later in the movie he faced jail time because he was caught selling drugs. He continues to sell drugs but started to rap, this is when his career of rapping just started, by taking part of a rap battle. He starts his career by rapping in rap battles and soon makes his first demo called Microphone Murder, in which he takes his first stage name Biggie Smalls, and in his first demo, a producer from Uptown Records named Puffy gave him a record deal where he then pursues his rap career. Time has passed and he was able to create his first album called Ready to Die. Later in the movie, Tupac makes an appearance, and there is some heat with Tupac and Biggie, which ends up being a rap battle between the two. The first diss song came from Biggie called Who shot Ya?, the second diss then came from Tupac called Hit 'Em Up, this diss was towards biggie and ho...

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... this happen to every rappers career in the Hip Hop industry, and how most of these rappers end up in jail. This also relates to Biggie Smalls and his drug dealing he sold to a point where he took it seriously and when he did he ended up in jail. This is also a reoccurring theme towards Hip Hop artist now on how they use drugs and end up in jail.
All in all, Hip Hops culture has been growing every since the 1980 's, for example creating new dances for the dance community, inspiring new artist to emerge not only in the United States but also in other countries as well. Though Hip Hop throughout the years portray a negative stereotype, we should look past that and enjoy the music they offer because they have hidden meaning in every song their songs and we should take advantage and look at their meanings on why they had to do the negative stereotypes that they did.

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