Portrayal of Education In the TV Show Community Essay

Portrayal of Education In the TV Show Community Essay

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Education has begun to be taken for granted, not realizing what an impact it has on culture. In the television show Community, the view of education differs in many of the characters. There are both positive and negative stereotypes revealed throughout the show which were discussed in a way so that the issues present could be changed. Even though the show Community is presented as a comedy, with many mishaps, it presents education as something which is important and should be treasured. Education in our culture is many times underappreciated, looked at as an entitlement rather than a privilege; however, Community, forces the audience to reexamine education and why such a high value is placed on it in our culture.
In the show Community, at Greendale Community College, the main character, Jeff, was a lawyer, with a fake degree, and needs to go back to school to get a degree in order to keep his job. Jeff decides that he would try to bribe a professor that he knows, to give him all of the exam answers. Jeff is lazy and does not want to study to get a proper education, he would rather cheat his way to get a degree. As Jeff is walking around the college, he sees an attractive classmate, Britta, a high school dropout who is coming back to school after seeing the value in education, and decides to hit on her. He arranges a fake Spanish study group in order to get time to talk to her. They are then joined by Abed, a foreign born student who must overcome cultural and mental challenges in order to succeed in school. Abed then invites his friends from Spanish class, which was made up of: Troy, an ex high school jock and prom king, Pierce, an aging businessman trying to remain current, Shirley, a wife and mother who wants more from life, a...

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... audience to reexamine education and why such a high value is placed on it in our culture. A person can be rejected in order to realize the importance of education. They may transform their thinking and “save” their life by doing so, because they will use education to their advantage and to become successful in life. The show was effective in conveying the cultural message. Jeff was transformed and saved by education mainly because he will look at things in life differently and will not take things for granted, and take the easy route. He now will take education seriously and succeed in life and in his educational pursuits. Go ahead and think a little more about how the culture around the world affects everyday life, and that way a persons life can be saved through education and the help of peers.

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