The Portrait of a Professional Teacher Essay

The Portrait of a Professional Teacher Essay

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An effective teacher will excite, inspire and motivate students to be active in their learning, investigate new areas of knowledge and make connections to future learning (Whitton et al 2010). When a teacher is successful, their students are motivated, mutually respectful and ready to build on their knowledge and solve real-world problems. To be a teacher of value, one must have many skills and qualities to cater for a diversity of learners and their individual development; this includes many personal traits that are noticed students.
In today’s society, teachers are faced with ongoing challenges and need to be equipped with a range of teaching options and strategies so they are able to make the best possible decisions in their lessons. A teacher needs to be equipped to make appropriate decisions and consistently reflect on their effectiveness. This essay explains how professionalism, teacher reflection, decision making, classroom management, effective questioning and adhering to the constructivist model of thinking are all elements contributing to a valued professional in today’s society.

For teachers to be effective their classrooms should be open, encouraging and safe environments, where a strong student-teacher relationship can be achieved (Marsh, 2008). Students should be treated with respect in order to meet their need for belonging (Eggen&Kauchak, 2010). The layout of the room and resources need to be well considered allowing different areas for different activities (Bennett &Smilanich, P. 1994) keeping in mind space for easy movement and creative work. Seating arrangements, noise level and room temperature all need to be taken into account when planning the classroom to maximise productive lea...

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