Porter 's Four Competitive Strategies Essays

Porter 's Four Competitive Strategies Essays

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Porter’s four competitive strategies are very instrumental to success in the corporate world today. There are four main paradigms to this competitive strategy. These are cost focus, cost leadership, differentiation focus and differentiation leadership. Cost focus entails a company striving to have prices that are lower than the competition in order to undercut the competition in the market. Cost leadership entails economizing across the entire organization in order to achieve efficiency. Differentiation focus entails venturing into a service or product base that is different from what is available in the market therefore creating diversity. Differentiation has to do with a company packaging itself as being unique in the market. The competitive strategy employed is likely to determine the value chain structure of a company. This is due to the fact that the competitive strategy is likely to influence the areas of focus for the company and by extension the areas requiring heavy investment by the company (Skare, 2010).
The company chosen for this analysis is Apple. This is one of the biggest technological firms in the world today and by far the most successful. The company has a competitive strategy hinged on differentiation. All of the products of the company have been described as revolutionary due to the aspects of diversity that they bring into the market. The company has also capitalized on innovation as a means to acquire a higher portion of the market share. This innovation is especially useful in the technological field which happens to be very progressive and competitive.
Question two
Strategy implementation entails the manner in which an organization uses the resources at its disposal in order to yield a given outcome for th...

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...boration, on the other hand, involves entities working together on a single goal that is shared by all the entities in question (Muddy, 2009). Thus, in a collaboration each member might be required to perform a specific task but all of these tasks are intertwined and will help all of the involved parties to make it to the ultimate goal.
There are several criteria which h must exist for a successful collaboration. The very first of these is a common goal. Each of the involved parties must share a common goal to which they are willing to work. There must also be a sense of understanding among the concerned parties. All the parties need to understand their mandate as well as the role of this mandate in ensuring that the greater group makes it to the ultimate goal that prompted the collaboration in the first place. Thus, understanding of self and of others is imperative.

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