Essay on The Porter and the Young Girls

Essay on The Porter and the Young Girls

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A frame tale is a narrative structure containing a series of related tales within the larger story. In the “Prologue” of The Thousand and One Nights, King Shahrayar witnessed his wife unfaithful, by having intercourse with another man. Because of this tragedy, the king decides to put his wife to death and marry a new woman each day so he will never have to deal with the pain or treachery caused by women. As the tale goes on, the Vizier, the king’s assistant, finds a new woman for the king to sleep with each night and then sends her off to her demise. Until one day the Vizier’s daughter, Shahrazad decides that she wants to put an end to the kings antics. Shahrazad ask her dad, The Vizier, to marry the king and her. After a long fought argument between father and daughter the Vizier decides to give his daughter to the king. This is when frame tale comes into play. In order to survive she must tell a story each night in order to keep the kings interest. “The Porter and the Young Girls” is one of the tales told in the larger story.
“The Porter and the Young Girls” was a great story to keep King Shahrayar attentive. In this tale it talks about three young girls and their generosity to this porter. They feed and bathe the man. One rule was given to the porter though. This rule says “Speak not of which concerns you not or you will hear that which shall please you not,” ( page number here) meaning don’t ask questions and if you do then you will have to deal with the sufferings. Along the way six other men made their way into the young girl’s palace. The girls treated all these men equally and just as generous by fetching drinks whenever the men asked for them. All the other men though still had to oblige by the one rule that the porter ...

... middle of paper ... stories. Shahrazad uses Zubaidah as a relationship to her, to make King Shahrayar understand her position. To make the King understand she must tell a story to hopefully change his mind. In order for this to happen Shahrazad tells the tale“The Porter and the Young Girls.” Zubaidah is most closely related with Shahrazad because in order for Zubaidah to stay in her form, she must whip her two bitches three hundred times every day and must tell her story to the caliph to save her life.
The lesson Shahrazad tries to teach King Shahrayar is that not all women are alike. The actions of one woman should not cause punishment to be dulled out to other women. Shahrazad tells this story to change the Kings mind about looking at women as less than human. The king must learn to look at each woman as her own self with her own story to tell and should be treated accordingly.

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