Portal : A Single Player Puzzle Game Essay

Portal : A Single Player Puzzle Game Essay

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Portal is a single player puzzle game in which the player is set into a testing center and given a series of levels to solve. Throughout these puzzle ridden chambers, one must use the portals to maneuver through obstacles and use objects to assist in solving the level. During the entire game a computerized voice acts as a guide through the levels until the player goes against what the guide says. GLaDOS is the control of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and leads the player through different chambers. The objective of the levels in the game consist of finding a way to complete the puzzles by placing portals and moving throughout the course. The open ended ways in which you can complete the levels in Portal demand players use critical thinking and some creativity to find their way through the testing chambers.
In Chamber 16, the player is presented with a “live fire course designed for military androids” (GLaDOS, Chamber 16). The chamber started with a small robot with a laser pointed out at the wall ahead of it. I had first looked through the glass window and was shot at by some of the robots, it was then I realized that I had to avoid being in their line of sight. Then I went about trying to figure out how to make my way through without getting killed. In my first actual encounter with the robot, I had accidentally knocked it down and it deactivated, therefore giving me the information that I could deactivate them. What made the level more difficult was getting around and placing portals when there were multiple robots, or medium that didn’t allow me to place portals. Within this chamber I had discovered that using portals as a tool to look around allowed me to literally look at the situation in a different ...

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...d investigate different ways I could complete the level and that would be my main priority as I played the game. We had both used very different thinking strategies because she was able to use me as a resource to collaborate and ask questions; while I, on the other hand, had to analyze, evaluate, and problem solve on my own.
There are many different ways this game can be played and it is not just limited to strict rules. The combinations of ways a player can pattern their escape is endless and can be done by a very wide range of people. A player is allowed to use their own problem solving tactics and creativity when playing this game and give their own interpretation of how to complete each chamber. The critical thinking allows for many people to find difficult or simple solutions to each level and get through the game using their own ideas and thinking strategies.

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