The Porosity And Permeability Of Four Soil Samples Essays

The Porosity And Permeability Of Four Soil Samples Essays

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Module 3 Porosity and Permeability
Lab three tests and discusses the porosity and permeability of four soil samples. Three out of the four samples are provided with the lab kit and one is student supplied. The provided samples are gravel, sand, and potting soil. For the fourth, students are to provide a soil sample from their own property. The test for porosity use 100ml of water and 100ml of soil for each test. The amount of water it takes to fill the sample’s voids is called the porosity and is dictated in a percentage format. The permeability test uses 25ml of soil sample and 50ml of water for each sample test. The individual soil samples are put into a filter and then timed on how long water takes filter through the sample. This tests the runoff, drainage rate, and water retention rate of each soil type. The drainage rate is displayed as a decimal number that equals the amount of runoff divided by the time it took the water to completely drain. The water retention is presented as a percentage, whereas the amount of runoff is subtracted from the total amount of water; this sum is then divided by the original amount of water used (this is an approximation, as the filter was not tested to see how much water it retained). To get the percentage, this total is then multiplied by 100.
Lab 3-A: Soil Porosity
Porosity is the volume of space that the pores in a substance encompass. These substances can be a single pieced solid, such as sandstone and pumice; they can also be a grouping of solids that when combined, create pores in-between the individual structures, such as gravel and sand. These pores act similar to that of a sponge and allowing liquid to fill these spaces and sometimes retain it too. Utilizing the porosi...

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...t properties in regards to porosity and permeability. Gravel had a porosity of 52 percent, a drain rate of .186 at 226 seconds, with 16 percent water retention, leading to an 84 percent permeability rate. Next, sand had a porosity of 38 percent, a drain rate of .103 at 331 seconds, with 32 percent water retention, which computes to a 68 percent permeability rate. Then, the provided potting soil had a porosity of 46 percent, a drain rate of .005 at 7918 seconds, with 28 percent water retention, which shows a 72 percent permeability rate. Lastly, the collected topsoil had a porosity of 45 percent, a drain rate of .039 at 1088 seconds, with a water retention rate of 16 percent, leading to a 84 percent permeability rate. With these experiments, drinking water well placements, landfill locations, floodwater mitigation, and locations for plant growth can be derived.

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