Pornography Should NOT Be Censored Essay

Pornography Should NOT Be Censored Essay

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For the past 30 years, pornography has been a subject that has divided many North Americans as the topic became increasingly controversial with time. The subject makes for a very significant ethical issue mainly because it’s an issue that has the capability of altering our freedom of expression and because it’s a topic that invokes many conflicting values and competing ideas of right and wrong. Furthermore, pornography is also a major ethical issue because many of those that are against feel as though it infringes on societies’ morals as many believe that “viewing even mildly explicit pornography leads to an interest in increasingly deviant material” (McNaught and Renneboog). That said, this essay will illustrate why pornography should not be censored as it does not discriminate against women, it has advantageous medical and social benefits, and allows all people to experience sexual pleasure. Lastly, these claims will be supported through the use of various ethical principles, rights, and the ethical theory of utilitarianism.

Argument 1: Pornography Does NOT Denigrate Women
Since the women’s movement of the 1960s, many feminists to this day argue that pornography is denigrating to women (Tunstall “Women as Objects”) as they’ve claimed that it depicts a false supremacy of men over females(Tunstall “Women as Objects”). However, according to Nadine Strossen, former president of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACUF), much of today’s erotica and even that of which was brought in the 1960s “[…] depicts women in unsubordinated roles […]” (Strossen 161) and furthermore “[…] contains images and ideas that may well be seen as positive for women and feminists” (Strossen 161). For example, numerous feminists have used t...

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