Pornography Is An Acceptable Form Of Expression Essay

Pornography Is An Acceptable Form Of Expression Essay

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"People pay more money for pornography in America a year than they do on movie tickets, more than they do on all the performing arts combined"(). However, public views on pornography range from condemnation, because of the disturbing acts or images it portrays, to an acceptable form of expression for both men and women.  "Attacks on pornography come from both religious conservatives, who see pornography as encouraging impersonal, casual sex, and from feminists who claim that pornography makes the plight of women worse by encouraging misogynist, sexist, and patriarchal attitudes"().  One the other hand pornography can be seen as liberating, empowering and even educational. This paper will examine both sides of this controversial topic proving that pornography is and should be accepted as a form of expression. I will test my thesis by providing a look at feminist’s views, both positive and negative, to support my argument that pornography can be an acceptable form of expression.  
Generally speaking most people do not associate pornography with education. Sexual education classes preach abstinence, protection and educate on STD 's. So for many, pornography could be their first exposure to the actual act of sexual intercourse. In a study called Pornography, Normalization, and Empowerment several of the studies participants describe the skills they learned from watching porn and how they benefited from them. One woman said,"It allowed me to be more open to trying new things. I am more willing to try, instead of being scared of trying and never doing it" (). Sex can be an exciting and liberating activity, but can also be very challenging to those who lack experience.   
While education is great it can only get you so far. It is importa...

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...ress that taking away someone 's choice, degrading, belittling, or dehumanizing someone for entertainment purposes should be illegal. While it is impossible to please everyone there may be a way to improve the industry and protect those who work in it. Perhaps imposing tighter regulations on the industry would produce a safer environment for both participants and viewers. Having examined both the positive and negative aspects of porn, I 've come to the conclusion in a perfect world porn would not include violence towards women.However, we do not live in a perfect world. All things considered we can find good and bad in everything we do. With that being said, if pornography can provide individuals with additional knowledge on the subject of sex or empower them to reach outside of their comfort zone then perhaps others would be willing to reconsider their opposition.   

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