Pornography Does NOT Cause Violence Against Women Essays

Pornography Does NOT Cause Violence Against Women Essays

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Pornography is a controversial subject all around the world. Part of its appeal is its taboo nature. It has been argued that pornography is harmful. Porn is an underground market that is more or less legal but is it harmful? An article written by Diana E.H. Russell in “Dangerous Relationships: Pornography, Misogyny, and Rape” argues that it is. Diana E.H. Russell is a sociology professor. She has researched the issue and argues that pornography is profoundly harmful. Professor Russell believes that it inclines men to want to rape women and that it encourages them to act out rape fantasies. However, Michael C. Seto disputes Professor Russell's theory that pornography is harmful. Michael Seto's article, written with Alexandra Maric and Howard E. Barbaree, “The Role of Pornography in the Etiology of Sexual Aggression” contends that there is a lack of evidence in the research that would link pornography use and sexual offense. This debate has many interesting points. Let's see which researcher makes the stronger case.
“Yes” Article
Diana Russell's poses a valid argument that pornography is harmful. Ms. Russell gathered evidence from many different sources revealing experiments that were done with male college students, testimonies from a real court case, and interviews with men that have been imprisoned due to rape crimes. Evidence provided in the article will show that exposure to pornography exposure stimulates violence toward women in the form of physical abuse, mental abuse, rape or the idea of rape.
Three main points pulled from the evidence are 1) pornography objectifies and dehumanizes women, 2) upholds the myth that women enjoy rape, and 3) men become desensitized to rape when watching rape...

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...n likely sexual abuse, in order for that picture to be painted in their head. I believe that people who search out porn that has violence in it have been abused themselves. Should an experiment be conducted on regular people with no history of violence, they would either not be turned on by pornography that consists of violence or rape. It is likely that some people, including some of the men in the experiments, were turned on due to the act of sex more than the act of women being abused sexually.

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