Pornography: Dangerous and Destructive Essay

Pornography: Dangerous and Destructive Essay

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“The word pornography comes from the Greek meaning, whore, harlot, prostitute, and to buy or sell a woman” (Oprah,2009). The word alone is degrading to women, how bad could the actual acts be? There are so many forms pornography comes in: magazines, posters, music, videos, and the most popular, the internet. This all makes it way too easy to access. Some of the serious effects include violent and degrading acts towards women, the difference between a real sex life and the ones on TV, and the sexual problems that pornography contributes to for many, many couples.

“There are more adult bookstores than MacDonald’s in the U.S. Pornography is an 8 billion dollar-a year business and have annual box sales of $50 million” (Oprah, 2009).

Lust aside, porn is dangerous and destructive for many reasons. First of all, it gives an unrealistic view of the female body. The women in these videos are stick thin, air-brushed from head to toe, make up covering any sort of blemish, and of course large fake breasts. And on top of all these additions they alter and photoshop the videos to look even more perfect! “How can a man look at these false images of "sexual perfection" and not begin to think less of his wife? How can he not be affected by these images? And when he thinks "my wife would look better with larger breasts" or "I wish my wife would shave her pubic hair like that" is he not coveting other woman who do look that way?”(The Marriage Bed, Inc, 2009). Men are comparing their wives to these unrealistic female figures and wanting them to change. How is this fair to any woman?

People who watch pornography get an immediate response and of course the outcome, a positive reinforcement. “It is impossible for men to watch porn and not b...

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...ey. Women are treated like a piece of meat when it comes to pornography. The only benefit to pornography lasts a few seconds, and again, that’s for the men.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to pornography in the next few years. It will either continue to increase or someone will realize that this material isn’t okay. Men should think about this before watching it. They should ask themselves if it is worth putting their marriages at stake, or if it’s okay that their children are as easily accessed to these videos as they are, or that their daughters may one day be victimized because of all this. What happened to passionate sex with the one you love… and respect?
Pornography is nothing but a vicious circle. Pornography creates the exact opposite in real life of what it promises in fantasy life. Ironic isn’t it?

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