The Pornography And Its Effects On The Individual And Social Lives Of People

The Pornography And Its Effects On The Individual And Social Lives Of People

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Since the invention of the computer and the creation of the internet, technology has come a long way. Computers initially filled up entire rooms to now easily fitting in the palm of the next 10-year old kid, the internet id a platform that is beneficial for the distribution of content such as music and video. Companies across the globe took an early potential the internet had to make them money and push their company 's forward. The pornographic industry hasn 't let this new form of technology pass then by, that can clearly be seen in almost every form of media today with online pornography being one of its most explicit versions. For the past several years, a debate as to whether porn causes negative effects in the individual and social lives of people have become more relevant than ever. Media reports have told of the exploitation of innocent women and children used to fill people 's twisted fantasies. Tragic is the rise of not only children being targeted but also the rise of child perpetrators, pornography has been their instruction manual. Many people believe that pornography is harmless and everyone seen on the screen has chosen to live that lifestyle, but the pornographic industry runs so much deeper than just stores and online videos. Pornography has taken a subliminal role today and has caused people to become desensitized to aggressive forms of sex and intimacy. Pornography has altered people 's perception of quality sex and thus it has come to influence people 's attitudes, behaviors and values for the worse causing them to become desensitized to aggressive forms of intercourse. Individuals who watch pornography are more likely to think of women in a negative stereotypical fashion, have more tendencies to see degrading...

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...ure that this category has its own categories. Younger and younger males are finding themselves exposed to these kinds of interactions. This peaks a child 's curiosity because they 've never seen it before causing them to seek out more and more videos, eventually the child becomes desensitized to violent forms of sexual encounters and has increased the chance he will practice what he saw in the video with somebody in the real world leading to rape and sexual assault. Flood M. Child Abuse Review demonstrates exposure to pornography helps to sustain young people 's adherence to sexist and unhealthy notions of sex and relationships. This is especially true amongst boys and young men who are frequent consumers of porn, including more violent material which intensifies attitudes of sexual coercion and increases their likelihood to commit sexual assault (Ruckus).

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