Pornograhy: A Review of Harms and Issues and Its Impact Upon Church and Society

Pornograhy: A Review of Harms and Issues and Its Impact Upon Church and Society

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This review will briefly look at the various harms of pornograhy, especially since the advent of internet pornograhy. Over the last few decades porn has increasingly been shown in research to have negative effects for both men and women alike. Women and men alike have been affected by porn’s far reaching addictive habits. This review will also look at solutions to addictive pornography.

Pornograhy consumption has increased markedly over the last few decades, primarily due to the advent and popularity of regular, affordable, and high speed internet connections (Eberstadt & Layden 13; "The History of Modern Pornography."). While pornography has been around for thousands of years, never has porn been as used or abused (8). Porns’s vivid and explixcit imagery causes healthy pereceptions of sexuality to be skewed, causing true intimacy to be lost amidst a desensitized sexual libido (Struthers 1; “What’s Wrong With Pornography?” 1; Dubinsky 1; Zillmann 27). Pornography as defined by the United Methodist Church promotes “violence, abuse, coercion, domination, humiliation, or degradation for the purpose of arousal”, all being obvious negatives (1). Porn has been linked to higher divorce rates, sexual violence, sex trafficking, brain chemistry changes, relational problems. Porn affects both the church culture and the society as a whole. These high reaching problems call for the high impacting changes that new regulations can bring. Strong regulation will provide a stopgap to the national epidemic in it’s tracks.
Over the last few decades pornography has been an activity that has taken serious effort
and discretion to engage in. Often magazines or other media were concealed in black bags to protect the privacy and comfort ...

... middle of paper ...

... down the supply at the root. In terms of demand, Educational campaigns, Christian and secular alike can help curb destructive pornograhic usage.
Social Justice and change never come easy and is often unpopular and as shown by history, even violent. In order to change the choke hold porn has on society's, true discussion, education, and regulation must be implemented. The Church has a huge responsibility to create an open
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atmosphere for men and women alike, whether consumers or victims to be open about the harms of porn in their own lives. Christian support group with a sexual integrity, purity and recovery aspect will greatly assist in reducing porn’s harms. While some may not agree with fighting pornography based upon moral or philosophical logic but the evidence is very overwhelming that porn has an impact and usually negative for all involved.

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