Essay on The Population That Suffers From Substance Abuse

Essay on The Population That Suffers From Substance Abuse

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For my Model For Chang assignment I decided to choose the population that suffers from substance abuse. I selected this particular population for both personal and professional reasons. From the personal standpoint my family has suffered heavily with the affects of actions from people who suffer with substance abuse issues. My grandmother and grandfather both suffered from alcohol abuse for 10 plus years. Out of 4 of their children 3 have or are still abusing a variety of drugs. My two uncles are avid marijuana smokers and one of them also has issues with the abuse of prescription pills. My aunt has suffered with substance abuse since her teen years getting into alcohol and marijuana. Her most recent stay in rehab was for her use of heroine that was an outcome of not being able to get her hands on prescription narcotics anymore. In the midst of her heavy addiction she lost her home of 25 plus years and her marriage of almost 35. She has been sober for a little over a year now but she still has things that trigger her addictions on a daily basis. Aside from personally professio...

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