The Popularity of Linus Operating System

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• Linux is an open source operating system which was invented in 1990s as a combination of Unix and Minix by Linus Torvalds. It is licensed under GNU public license and thus, Linux offered an affordable option for the pricey UNIX operating system. Due to its affordability, Linux turned to be very popular and its distributors were generated. • Linux was created with networking in mind and thus, it gives file sharing provision. It can work with a number of computers since it does what it is instructed and works effectively as a workstation or server. The novel developed Linux versions have improved its applicability, however, a more improved platform if needed. • Linux contains a range number of hardware support systems, though it has not sufficiently provided for third party users. It is highly applicable, with improved security measures as compared to windows operating system. However, a few service provision improvements will argument its number of users. • In addition, improvement should be done to ensure that learning programs are easily accessible and a broader software deployment is provided (Venkateswarlu, 2006). Linux Servers and Workstation Feasibility • Since its creation, Linux popularity has grown and its application shifted from computer enthusiasts’ hobby operating system to a fully-fledged enterprise operating system. Its open source nature: release of source code along with the real software, has attract a number of vendors who modify the original source code to develop a Linux operating system of their own preference with an aim of serving its customers needs in a different and more effective ways as compared to their competitors. • Normally, different venders including individuals and companies add their own nu... ... middle of paper ... ... in their own style and make them accessible to the interested customers either for free or at a small fee as compared to other operating systems such as windows. • Among the currently available Linux vendors include Red Hat, BackTrack, Ubuntu, SUSE and slack ware among others. The vendors provide server and work station application among others. The most commonly provided Linux server application include web and internet server. • Among the discussed vendors Ubuntu is the only one that offers all its products and related services for free. It is more available and reliable as compared to others since it offers all its services that ensure great performance with no associated fees. Ubutu is also simple and requires little or no training and support. However, the rest Red hat and SUSE require constant support, and training which are offered at a fee.

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