The Popularity of Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon Essays

The Popularity of Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon Essays

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In this chapter, Lady Audley greatly discusses how she would likely kill Robert Audley so he will not say anything. She states, “If he stood before me, and I could kill him…I would do it!” (Braddon, 640). She greatly fears that Robert Audley will tell everyone the truth so she describes on different methods on how to keep him silent. Also, in this chapter, Lady Audley leaves a candle lit in Phoebe Marks room so she can kill Robert Audley. She tells Phoebe that the wind blew out the fire when, in reality, it did not.
Lady Audley realizes that she has too much to lose if she were to flee. She knew that Sir Michael Audley would never learn to believe her, therefore she felt it was best if she stayed where she was and defended herself. She wanted to prove that Robert Audley was actually the insane one.
To make sure that Robert Audley is burned alive, Lady Audley goes inside Phoebe Mark’s room in order to dip her head into a basin of water in order to keep herself from fainting. In reality, she just wanted to leave the candle lit so that the inn would be engulfed in flames.
Phoebe may have admitted her suspicions of Lady Audley starting the fire at the inn because she felt that her and Lady Audley were close enough to tell one another the truth. Phoebe must’ve had her suspicions since the beginning, she was worried for her employer if anyone ever found out that it was really her who started the fire.
Sir Michael Audley believes that Robert Audley is a good fellow and was very fond of him until Lady Audley had told him about her suspicions of Robert Audley going mad. He is madly in love with his wife, therefore, he sided with her. He believes that after the disappearance of George Talboys, that Robert has not been the same. He is s...

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...ld have only been Lady Audley, it was even evident in the early chapters.
The reader is involved in the act of detection because the reader is constantly trying to figure out if George Talboys is really did, and if he is dead, how did Lady Audley murder him. One is constantly wondering these things as the story develops.
When looking at the situation in a detective aspect, it was not wise for Robert Audley to constantly warn Lady Audley about his suspicions. This would make her feel like she’s being watched. This will make her feel anxious, therefore, she is more likely to give out information which will benefit your case. Lady Audley could have easily chosen to leave Audley Court at Robert Audley’s first warning.
A work of Victorian literature which can also be described as a psychologically revealing portrait would be, “A Poisoned Season”, by Tara Alexander.

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