Popular Myths About The U.s. Court System Essay

Popular Myths About The U.s. Court System Essay

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Four popular myths about the U.S. court system
The media plays a big role in shaping the people’s perceptions about the court system. Without media we would remain uneducated to the occurrences outside our social groups. Media and especially news coverage provide us with important point of contact with the rest of society. In debunking popular myths about our court system we will look at the “facts” (the truth, the actual event, a real thing). With a myth being based upon “exaggeration” or heightening of “ordinary” event in life. Myths become a convenient mortar to fill gaps in knowledge and to provide answers to questions social science either cannot answer or has failed to address. Myths tend to provide the necessary information for the construction of a “social reality of courts”. The four topics we will be focusing on are; Court decisions being mechanical, judicial decision-making and legislative decision-making are entirely different from one another, appealing all the way to the Supreme Court and finally, courts being apolitical.
The U.S. Court systems in America base its whole judicial system around “blind justices” but is justice always blind? Since day one, justice has been portrayed as impartial. That the U.S. judicial system is represented by an elegant lady holding a set of scales in one hand and a sword in her other, while wearing a blindfold. She carries the balances symbolizing fairness and the sword symbolizing power and authority, and she wears the blindfold, symbolizing objective justice for all people, without preference of discrimination, regardless of identity, wealth, power, status, position, or circumstances. However, is this always the case? One point we can stress upon is eyewitness testimony or expert te...

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...at a federal court should refuse to rule on a constitutional issue if the case can be resolved on a non-constitutional basis. We cannot agree less as the fact that a matter is not justiciable does not necessarily make a matter a political question. This, where courts declines jurisdiction and riles that a legal matter brought before it is non-justiciable because the party lacks the standing to sue or because an enabling law denies the court of jurisdiction, this does not turn such a matter in dispute to a political question. There are also other doctrines to help courts the political question doctrine and so on.
In conclusion, there are many myths surrounding the court system and it is up to the people to educate themselves and the misleading information the media may portray the courts as.

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