Essay about Popular Culture's Interpretations of Biblical Characters

Essay about Popular Culture's Interpretations of Biblical Characters

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There are many biblical characters that are portrayed in popular culture through visual texts. Popular culture is the way that is most popular and implemented by mass audiences and gives insight into the ways and behaviors of contemporary society (Lynch, 2005). Jesus is described before his death in the Last Supper through America’s favorite television show, The Family Guy. Another film that depicts a segment of Jesus’s life such as his crucifixion and death is demonstrated through Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of the Christ. Moses, another character that is depicted through a children’s film the Prince of Egypt, shows his heroic deeds by redeeming the people of Israel. These different depictions show how societies interpret biblical text and demonstrate that as new generations come about, perceptions of the biblical text is continually changing

The Family Guy is an American animated television show portrays a scene in season seven, episode two called, “I Dream of Jesus.” The show is commonly known amongst young an audience that loves comedy. Throughout a scene as Peter and his Family are seen having dinner, Jesus is present. This is similar to the last supper that is described in Mark 14:17-25. The biblical text describes how Jesus predicts what would happen to him with his twelve disciples as he faces betrayal. The biblical text is differentiated to the one of popular culture through time, environment, clothing, and language. In the episode, while Jesus is seen dining with the family, he makes a statement also familiar in the biblical text of Matthew 14:17 saying, “Truly, I tell you one of you is going to betray me.” He pauses and laughs saying, “Ahaha, I’m just kidding”. However the biblical text gives no evidence of Jesus ...

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