Popular Culture With Its Dimensions Essay

Popular Culture With Its Dimensions Essay

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Popular culture with its dimensions
The term “popular culture” has different meaning however its meaning depends upon the context and the person who is defining it. Generally it is known as culture of people or vernacular that prevails in a society. In his book “Rhetorical Dimensions of Popular Culture” Brummett explains that pop culture includes the characteristics of social life which are actively practiced by the public (Brummett, 1991). Popular culture is culture of people so it is determined by the communications, interactions and exchange between people in their daily activities which include the use of slang, styles of dress, foods that people eat and greeting rituals. Mass media plays important role in propagation of popular culture.
There are many generally agreed features and social characteristics involving popular culture. Popular culture, for example, includes the most instant and modern elements of our lives. These elements often change rapidly especially due to highly technological world. In this high technological world omnipresent media is bringing people closer and closer. Definite standards and general beliefs are revealed in pop culture. Due to its commonality and generality pop culture reflects and affects daily life of people. Moreover brands can achieve pop iconic position for example McDonald’s golden arches or the “Nike Swoosh”. However these iconic brands may rise and fall due to other elements of popular culture.
Keeping all aspects in mind mentioned above popular culture can be explained as the mixture of different identities and expression that are recurrently come across or extensively accepted, generally approved or liked and features of a certain society at a specific time. In his article ‘Folklor...

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.... In this way feedback of one viewer is shared with the entire world.
Individualism is considered an opposing source of popular culture. A common goal for all the people has been provided in urban culture. People are inspired by individualist aspirations and try to adopt a different style. In United State, every individual has full rights in his society. He/she can do anything in his/her society without any limitation. Every person has a right to join all fields that can make him/her popular. They can also crush their lives through wrong track. In short every person is free in his actions. He can build or ruin himself in his society. But when they find a path that makes them successful then their style is copied by other individuals living in the society. At that time their individuality can no longer remains. This is happened through the sources of popular culture.

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