Popular Culture : An Object Of Serious Critical Study Essay

Popular Culture : An Object Of Serious Critical Study Essay

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Our everyday lives are a result of the culture that we find ourselves a part of. One can try and say that their everyday lives are not affected by the culture that surrounds them however that is not true. Our society has come to a point when popular culture has becomes such a huge aspect of the way in which we see every day things. It has found a way to effect the way in which every single person lives their lives as well as the way in which they see it. I have to say that I strongly agree with the fact that popular culture should an object of serious critical study. Popular culture is something that I find is ruling our society and by saying that I think that is the main reason it should seriously be studied. There are both negative and positive aspects of the popular culture that are seen nowadays. Popular culture is seen in everything, however I will be showing how I believe this should be studied more critically by looking specifically into popular culture itself, hegemony, as well as the bechdel test.
Popular culture has become such a huge part of our society, in the ways in which everything is shown as well as how things are seen. Popular culture is pretty much what our society has deemed as popular and how that effects our lives. “Pop Culture: An Overview” by Tim Delaney, is an article that helps to define what pop culture really is. It was said that popular culture is from the way in which we dress, talk, and eat are all ways of showing what popular culture is. Popular culture is also widely shown to the society through the media. I would have to say that this is a good example as to why it should be studied more because this is what shapes our society. People look into the things that are being shown thro...

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...e not being showed in films. Popular culture has the power to change this.
Popular Culture is something that has become our society, it is what shapes it. Popular culture has the power to make some great changes in the way things are seen just by the way they are shown. Popular culture should be studied more critically because the more it is studied the more we learn about the way in which if effects people. So many people, especially our younger generations look into the popular culture for guidance. When they are showing bad things that then shapes those younger generations. Popular culture has the power to change a lot of things in our society and once there is more evidence and more studies has been done that can finally happen. By having this be an object to serious critical study then when can learn how to shape our societies in a more positive way.

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