Essay on Pope Francis : Humanist Or Conservative?

Essay on Pope Francis : Humanist Or Conservative?

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Pope Francis: Humanist or Conservative?
There 's a lot of debate over the controversial Pope Francis regarding him being too lenient towards the Catholic people and what should and shouldn 't be classified as a sin- who shouldn 't need worry about being damned or blessed. I, personally, think he’s made it fairly obvious that he’s more of an open minded thinker rather than the previous strict conservative popes with topics such as homosexuality, birth control, and chemical weapons being differed from their views. So, the question: Is Pope Francis more of a liberal humanist or a conservative catholic?
He was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina,on December 17, 1936. As a young boy, he had to go into surgery to remove a piece of one of his lungs due to a serious infection. This infection was continuously getting worse due to the lack of antibiotics during that time period. He then later graduated as a chemical technician to go train at the Diocesan Seminary of Villa Devoto. It wasn 't until March 1958 that he considered himself to be religious, joining the Society of Jesus. During 1964-65, he taught psychology and literature at the Immaculate Conception College in Santa Fe, only to move to Colegio del Salvatore, Buenos Aires in 1966 to continue teaching such subjects. He then quit teaching so he could pursue getting a degree in theology from the Colegio of San Jose. The degree took him 3 years to obtain (1967-70), however he didn 't finish his doctoral thesis until 1986 (“Pope Francis Biography”). Between this time, and his time as a priest, he had many jobs- one being a bouncer at a nightclub; not the most Pope-like of jobs.
Though his mom didn 't support him becoming a Priest- even though she was cathol...

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...t me be clear, those who are attempting the dangerous, and all too often deadly, journey from parts of Central America through Mexico and across the border are not asking for much. They are simply seeking survival. Their hopes cling to the possibility of a future for their kids without rampant drug violence. Realistically, they are not looking to amass the wealth of the 1 percent. Their dreams are often realized in blue collar jobs with long hours that, they desperately hope, will provide just enough for their children to make it to college one day” (“Pope Francis on Immigration”).

In conclusion, the Pope is an amazing role-model for many Catholic, and non-Catholic people because of how he handles his beliefs. Even though he’s a Pope, he follows his personal opinions rather than those that have been followed by many before him- he makes his mark to be remembered.

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